A Boulder Adventure

It was shortly after 6 a.m. and my roommate, Craig, asked what I was going to do on my day off. “I’m not quite sure,” I told him. Upon investigation of museums and events, I found one that captured my imagination. It was a free TED Talk in Boulder listed in the Daily Camera. The wording suggested it was a preview of a ted talk, or perhaps a live taping. How exciting! I packed my computer, fueled up the Pontiac and made the scenic 34-mile drive on a beautiful Colorado day.
I arrived at the site, Golden West certain that I was in the wrong place. It was a senior home. There would be no electrifying guest speaker, no videotaping. There would be about 15 residents and a few other outsiders from the community. There would be a kindly events director from the home who operated the computer and projection screen. I was the only male. The topic was listed in the paper as “Creating Happiness” but instead, the offering was “The Power of Vulnerability.”

Even though I could have left and watched the same TED Talk on my laptop, I decided to stay. It was very entertaining, and it was obvious from the ensuing discussion that some of the women were very moved by Brene Brown’s storytelling. I participated in the discussion and was thanked for my contribution in the elevator as I left. It wasn’t the worst 90 minutes of my life.

After a phone call with an admissions officer at Syracuse U’s MBA program, I found a  coffee shop to wash down the cost of finishing my MBA degree. The barista at Flatiron Coffee was delightful, making customers laugh and engaging them in conversation. I edited a tough part of my novel feeling a sense of accomplishment. Later in the afternoon, I participated in a planning meeting for the Ghost Town Writers Retreat. Driving home through Sheridan, I saw two ridiculous signs that made me laugh. Board for the Lord, and don’t forget to honk.

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